Anticorruption barometer


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Thanks to the extended version…

  • I can watch the anticorruption laws in real time,
  • I see the effectiveness of adopted laws,
  • I have an overview whether corruption increases or decreases,
  • I have access to the propoals of anticorruption laws,
  • I have a detailed analysis of parameters' values,
  • thanks to the observation (op-ed) I know the state of (anti)corruption atmosphere.

In addition:

I can order a tailor-made monitoring of other adjacent parameters in the laws which are being adopted.

Extended version

Comprehensive monthly reports

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Evaluation of progress or regress in monitored areas
  • Changes in parameter values

Detailed justifications

  • Detailed justification of changes in parameter values
  • References to laws, sections and articles
  • Hyperlinks to the latest versions of adopted anticorruption laws

Example of a parameter and the justification of its value in the extended version

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All observations of prof. Dvořáková

All past observations with commentaries of prof. Vladimíra Dvořáková



Initial Baseline Report as to 1 September 2015 + previous monthly reports

Price: 4 800 € / year (English version)

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Independence and financing of the project

Independence. Anticorruption barometer is an independent project devised by a non-profit association Lexperanto, z.s. in cooperation with students of political sciences at the University of Economics in Prague. Creation, development and design of the contents of the project is a result of a voluntary activity. English translation of the basic version of the project and its IT realisation was partly financed from the Small Grants Program of the U.S. Embassy in the Czech Republic in the amount of USD 3 000.
Financing. The only means of financing of running of the Anticorruption Barometer –including research of anticorruption legislation proposal, media articles research, their analysis, translations into English, maintenance of the underlying IT systém etc. – is the fee charged for the use of copyright to the extended version of the Anticorruption Barometer which serve salso for the financing of further research in the area of corruption and its prevention. This manner of financing without dependency on different subsidies provided by public or private entities ensures full independence and credibility of the Anticorruption Barometer project.