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Transparent and effective public investment — #90 Composition of supervisory boards

Members of supervisory boards of companies serving public interest* should be selected from persons representing public interest, on the one hand, and professional experts, on the other hand. They all should have clean criminal record, not be in a situation of conflict of interest and have minimum qualification requirements for exercising their function in the area where the company is active.

* A company serving public interest means an undertaking or a company (firm) owned by the state, regions or municipalities.

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Update history

10/2015 current The legislative intention to prepare a law on selection of persons to management and supervisory (controlling) boards of companies with shareholding interest of the state foresees laying down personal and expert qualification requirements for the performance of functions. Effectiveness
08/2015 The Ministry of Finance together with non-profit organizations tries to start the preparation of the proposal of the law on nominations to supervisory boards of enterprises providing services of public interest. Efforts to solve this issue can also be found in the Senate. Effectiveness