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Transparent and effective public investment — #104 Evaluation of different options

Subsequently, it is necessary to evaluate options especially from the view of their financial burden and benefits for the citizens and entrepreneurs, compare the alternatives and to choose the one that is most suited for the given place and time.

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So far there is no legal measure which would contain the methodology describing the process and the implementation of public investments which could be used by public institutions.

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The law proposal is in the Lower Chamber

The proposal of the Act on management and control of public finances, which is in the Lower Chamber of the Parliament, requires, within the framework of the preliminary assessment of an expenditure operation, that the evaluator - before the planned expenditure from the public budget is realised and after the possible options on how to satisfy the public need in relation to the objective of management and control of public finances is assessed – proposed the way and conditions of realization of the planned expenditure. The provision, however, does not specify that the selected option has to be the best one from the options which were assessed in relation to the objective of management and control of public finances.