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Non-corrupt and professional public administration — #62 Electronic communication of public authorities with citizens

If the information is not made public, a citizen should request the information by using e-mail and shall receive the answer also by e-mail. The processing time of each request shall be publicly available in “real-time”.

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The solution is being discussed in the public

The issue of wider and better access of citizens to the information about functioning of public institutions via the internet on the basis of the open data approach is a part of the public debate.

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The law is in force

The amendment to the Act on free access to information, which entered into force in January 2017 institutes the National catalogue of open data. The scope of information concerning public administration published in the open data form is set out in the Government ordinance on list of information published in the open data form. This list, however, contains only eight information areas in which the relevant information should be published in the open data form.