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Non-corrupt and professional public administration — #71 Adoption of a general protection framework for whistleblowers

A general framework for whistleblower protection is adopted, at least in relation to the public sector, which is able to ensure an effective protection to whistleblowers.

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Updated: 08/2015 Parameter update history

Political promise to solve the problem

The submission of a legislative regulation of whistleblowing and the protection of whistleblowers is foreseen in the governmental Action plan and Conception for fighting corruption.

Compared to current state

Updated: 06/2017 Parameter update history

The law proposal is in the Lower Chamber

The Government submitted to the Lower Chamber of the Parliament protection of whistleblowers. In parallel, the ministry of finance submitted – via the minister of finance - its own MP proposal of law on whistleblower protection. Whereas The Government proposal, which is in the Lower Chamber of the Parliament, solves the problem of whistleblowers’ protection only partially, the proposal prepared by the ministry of finance provides a more complex solution to whistleblowers. Presentation of two parallel government coalition proposals can, however, result in the blockage of both proposals which can ultimately lead to the non-adoption of any legislative Act whistleblower protection.