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Non-corrupt and professional public administration — #80 Obligation of the state to ensure protection of whistleblowers

Should the ombudsman and police find whistleblower’s announcement of corruption legitimate, the state shall take over the responsibility for assuring whistleblower’s physical and media protection.

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Updated: 08/2015 Parameter update history

Political promise to solve the problem

The submission of a legislative regulation of whistleblowing and the protection of whistleblowers is foreseen in the governmental Action plan and Conception for fighting corruption.

Compared to current state

Updated: 06/2017 Parameter update history

The law proposal is in the Lower Chamber

Since the Government proposal, which is in the Lower Chamber of the Parliament, does not deal with the question of ensuring anonymity to the whistleblower, it does not either deal with the possible liability of the public administration for the breach of its obligation to ensure anonymity to the whistleblower. The parallel MP proposal does not expressly regulate the question of liability of law enforcement bodies for the breaches of their obligations owed to whistleblowers, however, this liability could probably be derived from the wording of obligations imposed on these public authorities.