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Non-corrupt and professional public administration — #75 Forwarding a legitimate announcement to the police

Should the Public Defender of Rights (ombudsman) find that the announcement of the whistleblower contains facts suggesting that a criminal act was committed, especially in the case of a criminal act in the area of corruption, the Public Defender of Rights forwards whistleblower’s announcement to the police.

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Updated: 08/2015 Parameter update history

Political promise to solve the problem

The submission of a legislative regulation of whistleblowing and the protection of whistleblowers is foreseen in the governmental Action plan and Conception for fighting corruption.

Compared to current state

Updated: 06/2017 Parameter update history

The law proposal is in the Lower Chamber

The Government proposal, which is in the Lower Chamber of the Parliament, does not provide for enhanced cooperation and simplified means of communication of the whistleblower with the law enforcement bodies. The parallel MP proposal enables the whistleblower to file the announcement through a secured information system of the Supreme State Prosecutor while allowing him to communicate in anonymity with law enforcement bodies.